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About Eye Tests Online by HamiltonVeale

Seeing is our most important sense!

About 80% of all our knowledge and management of daily life skills, are done by our vision. All medical doctors include a visual check, and in developed countries, vision is tested from birth, right through life, regularly. As we age, vision in general deteriorates. As a result, Eye Specialists recommend regular eye checks.

Test your own eyes at home with our range of portable home eye tests, all available for purchase online.

Distance Vision, Near Vision and Distortion of Vision can be checked with our available HamiltonVeale charts and eye tests.

Why test your own eyes?

Eye examinations are costly, but they are the only way a diagnosis can be made. There is no harm in testing your own eyes more regularly and if any deterioration is noticed, you should consult your eye specialist.

 You may just save your sight!

John Hamilton Veale
Wellington College, Otago University, Auckland University
BSc. Dip. Opt., General Optometry

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